Ketamine Withdrawal

Ketamine withdrawal is both a physical and mental process, because ketamine withdrawal is dealing with a drug that affects both. Ketamine withdrawal should be performed in a drug treatment center. Ketamine withdrawal is a serious endeavor and should not be taken lightly. The reason ketamine withdrawal should occur in a professional environment is because the person undergoing the process should be kept under close supervision. Supervision is a must when dealing with ketamine withdrawal due to the strength of the mental addiction.

Ketamine affects the mental and physical state of the user. At high doses, ketamine can cause delirium, amnesia, impaired motor function, high blood pressure, depression, and potentially fatal respiratory problems1. It is a dissociative anesthetic. This means that the use of the drug causes a perforation in the users consciousness. This perforation has the ability to grow as use progresses. The growing tear in the person's consciousness can lead to neuroses along with many other mental disabilities.

If the person is not under professional care during ketamine withdrawal many things can happen. The person can lose mental stability and begin a neurotic pattern of behavior, which may not be controllable by a non-professional person.

The user's addiction to the drug may be so strong that during ketamine withdrawal they will begin use again. This is a common scenario of those who attempt at-home ketamine withdrawal. Once use starts again the opportunity of a clean ketamine withdrawal grows slimmer and slimmer.

Another aspect of ketamine withdrawal, which is addressed in a professional setting, is the physical side of ketamine withdrawal. The user more often than not has neglected their own physical well-being. We at Spencer Recovery Centers have a team of nutritionists to assist the person in keeping their bodies healthy during this process.

Another advantage of ketamine withdrawal in a treatment center is the idea of displacement. When a person is taken out of their environment they can begin to break the bad habits they have acquired in their familiar life setting. If they used a lot of ketamine in their surrounding area they may find it difficult to become sober in that same area. What the treatment center offers them is tools in order to help them go back to their familiar environment and stay sober and strong.

The ketamine withdrawal process is complicated and should be dealt with in a professional environment. Spencer Recovery Centers have been assisting people in this process for many years.

Once the user is admitted to one of our recovery centers we can start the undergoing of breaking this persons addiction to ketamine. We offer all aspects of ketamine withdrawal, from the psychiatrist to the outdoor activities. We attack the disease of addiction from all angles. We offer one-on-one counseling along with group therapy. This combination of assistance lets the person know that they are in a safe environment and no longer need the drug to keep them emotionally safe. Once they begin to see the damage of ketamine use they can begin to get better.

This cannot begin until they are in our care. This cannot happen a moment to soon. Call today and our staff will help get the person you care about the help they need.


* Drug facts quoted from the National Institute on Drug Abuse